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The Nepal Company "TibetanHerbs Wilczynski Krzysztof Adam"  is sole importer and sole trader of genuine natural

Tibetan herbs from monastery in Tibet.

We have sole contract for selling Tibetan herbs.


History of the Companies.‪ 

My first viza and trip to Tibet 1999.


During my trip to Tibet in 1999 and having accommodation in monastery, I met monk who was able to speak English. When I told him about European people problems he gave me two mixtures of Tibetan herbs. By courtesy of that monk I get to legendary Tibetan monastery where monks prepare that unique mixture of herbs. Tibetan herbs for slimming and weight loss and also Tibetan herbs against depression. I heard and read in medical publications about wonderful impact of these herbs and that is why I decided to try it. Tibetan herbs helped me, my family, friends and colleagues and now I import it and I am sure they will also help you.

Wilczynski Krzysztof Adam TibetanHerbs

Date of foundation Kathmandu Nepal 2007 - 2016.

Government of Nepal Certificate of incorporation of company  TibetanHerbs Wilczynski Krzysztof Adam