SLIMMING : Tibetan herbs – “Znhz”

How to use:
Pour two tea spoons Tibetan herbs into glass, add boiling water. Brew under cover 15 minutes. Drink one glass 10 minutes before each meal.
For significant impact increase and for additional supply in real and valuable fiber you can eat herbs during drinking.

Tibetan herbs

Original natural Tibetan herbs for slimming and weight loss.


The best results are achived when drinking one cup 10 minutes before each meal.
Fixed time is not important. Tibetan herbs should be brewed for 15 minutes under cover in proportion of 2-3 spoons per cup.
You can brew Tibetan herbs in right proportion of water and herbs in thermos in the morning for all day to have enough for each meal during the day. Drink temperature is not important. You can drink it cold.
Eating Tibetan herbs is not necessary, but it is a good way to boost impact of Tibetan herbs if your body is resistive.
Remember about regularity, it is very important. Regularity in this case means drinking Tibetan herbs 10-15 minutes before each meal for three months at least.
Remember. First two months are very important. Do not do any break during treatment. Metabolic rate start changing after one month and real permanent slimming process begin after 6-7 weeks.
Permanent metabolic rate change and weight loss up to 4-5 stones guarantee after finished full treatment.