Tibetan herbs for slimming and weight loss fast metabolism "Znhz" 8 packs

AWESOME “Tibetan Herbs”
Original antique pure blend of herbs is not like ridiculous express tea bags for slimming produced and packed in pretty boxes at the factory which are world apart from natural Tibetan herbs for brewing which we import from Tibet.

World Health Organization “WHO” accredited Tibetan herbs as a highly effective method of natural therapy against obesity, cellulite and depression and as a highly effective antioxidant.

After one pack you can lose up to 9 lbs (4kg). It is depend on your actual metabolism and how it reacts to metabolic changes.

Weight loss between 1 and 2.5 stones (6 and 15kg) is usually after mini treatment which is 4 packs of Tibetan herbs.

Permanent metabolic rate change and weight loss up to 4-5 stones (25-30kg) without yo-yo effect guarantee after finished full treatment (12 packs = 3 mini treatments) while no break been made between packs or mini treatments.

Product Description:

Paper bag of secret antique Tibetan herbs is bind by hemp line and locked down with original Tibetan cloister sealed, which guarantee originality. Tibetan herbs for slimming are blend of well-balanced natural herbs which have not been changed for the last hundreds years.

Genuine Tibetan herbs contain purely and simply natural herbs and there is no contraindications or restrictions to use it.
Drink Tibetan monks herbs and you will not have to turn away from good food.
Lose weight and keep it on proper and healthy level with natural Tibetan herbs.


How to use:

Pour two tea spoons of Tibetan herbs into glass, add boiling water and brew under cover 15 minutes.
Drink three times a day 10 minutes before each main meal.
For significant impact increase and for additional supply in real and valuable fiber you can eat herbs during drinking

Tibetan herbs for slimming and weight loss fast metabolism "Znhz" 8 packs

VAT included

Tibetan herbs  for slimming and weight loss. Fast metabolism. 8 packs  Two mini treatments  - 8 packs (3-3,2 kg of pure and natural Tibetan herbs for slimming), - weight loss 2 to 3.5 stones(12 to 22kg) (16-20 weeks drinking).